Vision Care Stories

Optalmologist | 236th Pakistan Eye Camp

"I read about the international blindness relief activities but did not know how I could help until I participated in the Vision Care's Eye Camp. I was very surprised to learn that Vision Care continuously worked on the international blindness relief activities since 2002 and that so many people participated on a volunteer bases. For me, it was encouraging and comforting to know."

Surgery Patient | Ethiopia

"After the operation, I was able to read books and play with my friends at school. I was able to do things that previously I was not able to do because of my vision problem. I am very thankful to the people who brought me to the hospital and the doctor who gave me the surgery."

Volunteer | 251st Mozambique Eye Camp

"An older patient received surgery on the same day he was examined by the doctor. I cannot forget his smiling face when we took off his eye shield the next day. Just yesterday, he could not walk by himself, but today he was able to walk on his own. When I gave him the thumbs up, he pointed at my thumb and confidently shouted out "One!" It was the most memorable moment during the Mozambique Eye Camp."

Participant | Phaco Training Course (PTC), Uganda

"There is no place where I can have the opportunity to learn such advanced skills for free in Uganda. If there were such opportunities, it was not easy to do since I would have to go outside of the country. I deeply appreciated Vision Care for providing this training program and I will do my best to use the skills learned for the people of Uganda and to pass on these skills to other medical personnel."

Donor Organization | Sangam-dong Church

"I was surprised to learn how many people's lives can be impacted by restoring a person's sight. It is life-transforming not only for that person, but also for their families. And it is also a life-changing experience for those who participated in this work."